Dr. Wurzer ist Professor für IP-Management am Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) an der Universität Strasbourg, wo er seit 2007 den Masterstudiengangs Intellectual Property Law and Management (MIPLM) leitet. Prof. Dr. Wurzer ist Leiter des Steinbeis-Transfer-Instituts für Intellectual Property Management an der Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin. Er ist geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der WURZER & KOLLEGEN GmbH, einem auf strategisches IP-Management spezialisierten Beratungsunternehmen. Prof. Dr. Wurzer ist Vorsitzender der DIN-Gremien DIN 77006 für Qualität im IP-Management und DIN 77100 für Patentbewertung. Er ist Mitglied des Vorstands des Deutschen Instituts für Erfindungswesen e. V. (D.I.E.), Sprecher des Kuratoriums der Diesel Medaille und Fellow an der Alta Scuola Politecnica in Mailand / Turin Polytechnic. Er ist Jurymitglied des Deutschen Innovationspreises des Deutschen Rats für Formgebung und Mitglied der Expertengruppe IP-Bewertung der Europäischen Kommission.



Why do SMEs need IP?

Digitization is changing business eco-systems, new business models are emerging and forcing businesses to adapt. Also, the increasing complexity of processes makes it difficult to secure profitable positions in the eco-systems. Here, IP is indispensable to develop and protect innovations and new business models and thereby create added value.


What is an IP Strategy?

Strategy gives coherence and direction to decisions and actions of a business. IP Strategy is forward looking and concerned not only on how to compete in the actual market but where the company is going in the future with the help of IP. With successful IP Strategies companies are able to achieve competitive advantages to generate above average returns.


What do you have to take care of when developing an IP Strategy?

When developing an IP Strategy, you must take into account your own company but also the market environment. This can be done with the 360-degree strategy, looking at both: the market-based view and the resource-based view of the company. A good IP Strategy starts at a very early state of product development always focusing on the needs of the customer.


What is IP Valuation and why is IP Valuation needed?

In IP Valuation the economic value of IP is determined based on the economic use of the IP in an enterprise. This is increasingly important when IP is part of the strategy of the company. The valuation of IP is especially necessary since IP does not have a value out of context but is always dependent on the business model and the exploitation scenario of IP.


How to perform IP Valuation?

IP Valuation is about decision making and the methods of IP valuation are derived from decision theory. In practical IP valuation the valuator has to analyze the action alternatives, the environmental conditions of the company and the economic and legal aspects of IP. Based on these factors the IP value is determined in a decision scenario.


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