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IP-Management Education at CEIPI

Intellectual property has become a crucial factor and driving force in the knowledge-based economy. Due to digitization, Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and the digital transformation of business eco-systems, the economic development and competitiveness of companies depends more and more on the generation and exploitation of their knowledge. Intellectual property can convert investment in competitive advantages into economic benefits. Thus, IP-based appropriation strategies form the basis of creating value and beneficial competitive positions for companies to achieve sustainable success with business models and innovation activities.Through industry case studies directly from successful businesses of the European industry, the IP-Management education at CEIPI highlights best practice examples. As only the combination of economic, legal, and technological knowledge and skill fosters the competitive edge of companies in a knowledge-based economy, our IP-Management education uses a holistic approach to provide optimized strategies, which essentially contribute to the creation of value in a company. All programs combine legal, economic, and management sciences, and include lectures from leading scholars in the field of IP Law and Management. The ultimate objective of the course is to qualify experienced IP professionals as practically skilled IP managers, with sound knowledge on value creation in the knowledge-based economy.

The IP-Management program at CEIPI is by far the most successful executive management program in IP in Europe. Management education must change the direction of business practice. Since 2005, CEIPI has offered a comprehensive IP Management education, for which it develops case studies with C-Level executives and heads of IP from industry to prove the success of its methods, skills and knowledge. The participants of the program come from industry, private practice, and institutions from around the globe. We focus on strategic challenges of businesses, concrete implementation and success controlling. Whether our participants are managers from industry, entrepreneurs, start-up fellows or representatives from institutions, we create a unique learning experience for them with integrated legal, economic, and management knowledge and skills, enabling them to come to meaningful decisions.

The IP-Management education at CEIPI is modular, ranging from University Certificates, over the Diplôme Universitaire Intellectual Property Business Administration (DU IPBA), the Master of Intellectual Property Law and Management (MIPLM, Master (II), LLM) to the PhD in IP management. Each University Certificate has independent content, and can be taken standalone in a distance learning course. Taking all eight University Certificate courses together grants the full Diplôme Universitaire and provides the opportunity to start the MIPLM with half the examinations already accredited. The MIPLM focuses on case study work, with examples from successful industries and intense in-class lectures at CEIPI, providing the students with prevailing knowledge from the industry as it happens. Excellent students finishing the MIPLM with a master’s thesis have the opportunity to obtain a PhD in IP-Management at CEIPI.

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