Start of the Certified University Course on “IP Valuation (I)”

A new Certified University Course in IP Management at the University of Strasbourg, CEIPI, starts in March 2020 with the topic of “IP Valuation (I)” and the enrollment is already open. The enrollment for the Certified University Course “IP Strategy Development” is also open. The Course is provided through one of the most advanced distance learning platforms worldwide. Participants are flexible in their education. Learning without time pressure, as well as with a job and family are possible. From the consistent glossary to examples, the certificate provides a comprehensive perspective on every topic, but also an up to date overview on modern IP Management. The students benefit from a long-standing teaching practice in IP-Management which has been established at CEIPI since 2005.

The content of the IP Valuation (I) course can be found here and the content of the IP Strategy Development course with additional information about the video and lectures material as well as the provided lecture notes can be found here. The provided learning material is optimized for distance learning and integrated within the whole program. Movies, lectures, scripts, glossaries and additional teaching material are given to ensure, that participants can follow the Course with integrated and consistent content.

The Certified University courses take place in 3-month periods with a final multiple-choice examination on the moodle platform of CEIPI and grant a University Certificate after successful participation. Each three months a new course will become available about the topics: IP-Strategy Development, IP-Valuation (I), Integrated IP and Innovation Management, IP in the Industry 4.0, IP Valuation (II), Quality in Operational IP-Management, IP Portfolio Management and Controlling and Leadership in IP-Management.

For information about the fees and registration for the course please have a look at the CEIPI webpage for the Certified University Courses.

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