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Who owns 5G and the future of the Internet of Things? Patent Analysis clears the thicket

5G mobile networks will support internet of things applications and deployments. The key features in 5G will benefit and boost the IoT and the impact of 5G across industries. This new technology will represent a fundamental shift in communication network architectures. It is a next-generation technological enhancement to telecommunication networks and solutions which deploy communication. From automotive to industrial and healthcare applications the already foreseeable consequences of 5G technology are impressive disruptive. By the way, who own this driving force of innovation and growth for the next decade? IPlytics published an interesting article about the so far known companies who owns patents which are declared to be standard essential for 5G.

In recent years, the number of 5G-related SEPs (standard essential patents) has increased sharply. But finally, less than 15 companies have declared, that they own such patents. However, the known number of SEPs in incredible, more than 25.000 SEPs are declared so far.

Here you can read the full article.