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Bits & Pretzels global startup conference with presentations on user experience management and protection of digital business models

Bits & Pretzels is one of the leading global networking conferences for founders, investors and startups around digital business models and digital transformation of businesses. More than 5.000 startup enthusiasts including very successful founder personalities from Virgin, Airbnb, Tinder or Evernote meet during this 3-day festival around the Munich Oktoberfest.

Prominent and inspiring speakers from the startup and financing community like Kevin Spacey, Richard Brandson, Jochen Schweizer, Prof. Dr. Ann-Kristin Achleitner and Philipp Lahm help founders to create visions, to learn and intensify networking.

Felix van de Sand gave a presentation how to design brand driven user interfaces and user experience.

Felix van de Sand

Following attaining his master’s degree in Industrial Design from Bauhaus-University Weimar, Felix worked for one of Europe’s largest design agencies as a Design Strategist. He switched to the digital side when he founded UX/UI design agency COBE with three partners in 2012. At COBE, Felix is responsible for aligning the User Experience of digital products with a company’s brand positioning.


His method to use insights on neuroscience for design brand driven user experience is very nice described in an paper for the journal “Marketing Review St. Gallen” with the title: “Neuroscience and How to Design Brand Driven User Experience – A call to create more meaningful relations between products and their users

A very nice reading – especially when you can read German – is his new book on “User Experience Identity” which describes all the background to his UX/UI approach and method. He explains how sustainable user experience can be created on digital touch points of a brand, like websites, apps or landing pages. His concept helps companies to enhance and improve their social media and web traffic, but also to generate groth in user engagement, conversion and finally ROI. He presents plenty of very clear an perspicuous examples how insights on neuroscience and neuromarketing can be transferred and used to design products and particularly the user experience with brand personalities.

Here you can find more about “User Experience identity”.

His presentation on Bits & Pretzels can be found here: “Interfaces are Faces – How to design brand driven UI/UX”


Dr. Alexander Wurzer is professor for IP management at CEIPI and head of studies for the master program on intellectual property law an management (MIPLM) since 2006. In his presentation, he explained how companies can protect their digital business models. He gave different examples of companies which were able to cover the key aspects of their business models in with IP protection. Within the digital transformation, companies more and more put their products in digital ecosystems to improve the customer benefit. This trend makes it important to cover also this ecosystems with IP protection. The examples reach from digital farming, smart factory to smart home and smart cooking. The example of the ecosystem multifunctional kitchen machine Thermomix® and its ecosystem shows, what is necessary to create legally enforceable exclusivity within an extraordinary customer experience along a digital customer journey.

Here you can find the presentation of the physical layer of the IP strategy, the Thermomix®.

Here is the description of the digital ecosystem, the World of Thermomix®.

Here you can find the presentation: “IP Strategies for digital business models”.