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European Commission IP Action Plan

The improvement of quality in IP Management is key to the strategy the European Commision is presenting on December 16th. Join members of the EU-Joint research Center (EU-JRC), an EU policy officer and two other experts in the field, together with the General Secretary of the QIMIP initiative, Dr. Lorenz Kaiser in this roundtable webinar.




On 25th of November the EU published a remarkable communication  on IP, titled 

Making the most of the EU’s innovative potential 
An intellectual property action plan to support the EU’s recovery and resilience

(Download German version)  (Download Englisch version)

The paper is starting with 5 challenges. As an extract Nr. 2 reads: “too many companies, in particular SMEs, and too many researchers do not make full use of the opportunities offered by IP protection. Nr. 3 reads: Tools to facilitate access to IP (and therefore the take up and diffusion of technologies) are insufficient developed.

These two remarkable statements inter alia are setting the scene  for an extensive discussion in the whole EU. The paper is discussing intensively the need and advantages of sustainable IP Mgt. It states the same basics as QIMIP is clearly targeting, namely raising the awareness of IP and orientation on the necessary and underestimated need of quality management in this field.

This Tech-Chat (see draft schedule with participants) is planned as an introduction in this upcoming communication of tremendous importance.

It takes place on the 16th of December at 12:00 – 13:00 as a roundtable webinar of the TTO Circle of the EU JRC. We expect that this discussion will have follow ups. If you can make it, you should not miss it.

I you want to join this webinar please contact the EU-JRC to get integrated in the Microsoft team meeting.