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QIMIP welcomes Jan Froehlich

Jan Froehlich, a certified IT-lawyer from Berlin, who is specialized in IP law (University of London, Intellectual Property) has recently joined the QIMIP partner network to support national and international clients. This is a good reason to ask a few questions.

QIMIP: Mr. Froehlich, you have joined the QIMIP partner network as a lawyer for information technology. Why is being part of QIMIP important for you?
Jan Froehlich

Senior management has to take the leading role

JF: The quality and the requirements of  IP Management systems were at numerous times part of my work as specialized IT-lawyer. I supported international law firms and accounting firms with regard the various compliance issues relating to specific IT-management problems regarding special purpose contracts, General terms and conditions as well as purchase, rent and project contracts, terms of cloud-contracts and SaaS-agreements.
QIMIP: Our goal in introducing DIN 77006 as a standard for improving quality in IP management is to help companies deal with IP compliance requirements as well. Who, in addition to the IP department, also has to take greater responsibility here?
JF: The compliance issues in question relate to software, trade mark, copyrights licences, trade secrets as well as liability issues of managing directors and board of directors or supervisory boards. To improve quality in IP Management the senior management has to take the leading role.
QIMIP: From your personal experience, what would you recommend to your clients would be a good first step to set up an IP management system?
JF: My advise would be that clients define their needs and objectives. "Simple compliance" for the daily business, restructuring issues, sale of an enterprise etc. Than including a lawyers advise from the beginning in order to know which are the relevant features of the IP-Management seems to be highly advisable.  
QIMIP: Thank you Mr. Froehlich and once again welcome as a new partner in our network.

The QIMIP partner network presents selected partners and their range of services on its platform, thus enabling fast communication between interested companies and experienced and qualified service providers. The further expansion of the network aims to staff as many aspects of IP work as possible with appropriate experts who offer their services in accordance with the requirements of DIN 77006.